Updates for 24 Jun 2013 ~ 30 Jun 2013

What? You thought that’s it after the opening last week? *Pout*

Thank you my friends, for responding to my announcement on the opening of The Royal Armoury. Thank you for your well wishes, your support, and even your admiration (unfounded though it may be). Two of you came back with really encouraging words, and I couldn’t sleep for happiness that night. Ok, the truth is I slept like a log, but I must have been smiling and giggling in my sleep (Aside: Put a video camera in my room that night, and you’ll have a ready-made horror show).

Coincidentally, these two ladies belonged to the same study group. Strictly speaking, we were not exactly a study group, but I did get to know the two of them while on a year-long HR course with DBS (read: Dearest Beloved Sister) back in 2009. We were team mates, tasked to complete the various group assignments handled out in our modules. Guess we have much more in common than we originally thought. Thank you both of you, for making me grin like a maniac the whole night!

Anyway, I really appreciate all of you taking the time to drop by my website. There are many more things – be they thoughts, ideas, products, or sentiments – that I hope to share with you, so please check back every now and then.

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‘Nuff said! Have fun exploring the below for this week’s updates!

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