Updates for 22 Jul 2013 ~ 28 Jul 2013

What can I do to make you love me?

To borrow this line from The Corrs, I’ve been thinking hard about how I can increase my readership, and inevitably, my sales. Hey, a girl’s got to eat. At this moment, I know I just have to keep faith and continue plodding on the path that I have chosen.

I have flea markets in mind, but nothing’s settled yet. If I do go out to brave the elements, I’ll post the notice here.

That said, if you love what I’m doing, please help to spread the word!

What happened to the animals? Tune in next week to find out. Meanwhile, the dog’s trying to work through her red haze of anger after finding out that she’s been had.

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Mondays are perhaps sigh-inducing, but comfort yourself with these new beauties!


Humble but True GD

Priestess BL

Dreamcatcher BL

Priestess RD

Priestess WH

Priestess PP

Humble but True SV

Maple GD

Humble but True RG

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