Updates for 05 Aug 2013 ~ 11 Aug 2013

Two public holidays in a week. Yay!

Although public holidays are meaningless to self-employed people like me, I still relish being able to spend time with DBS (Dearest Beloved Sister), even if we just stay home and glue our eyes to episodes of One Piece.

The focus for this week is owls. Why? Because they’re said to symbolise wisdom and new beginnings.

That’s my wish for Singapore. May our leaders be wise in their governance and our people grow to understand the true meaning of education. We’re called the Lion City and our country’s birthday falls in the astrological month of Leo. Lions are in turn, associated with courage. May we be fearless in scaling new heights and exploring uncharted territories. That includes the courage to admit our failings and move on tenaciously despite and because of them.

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Selamat Hari Raya and Happy National Day, mates!


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