She flitted over and perched on my shoulder, her favourite spot. A comforting presence that weighed little more than light, she offered the only assurance that I belonged here.

I stared glumly across the street where a group of six or more children were playing. I longed to join them, to be part of them, but I was scared. I wanted to make friends, but didn’t know how.

Shy, Father said I was. But you have to try, Father also said.

She must have sensed the anxiety and the yearning in me, because she came over one day and sat beside me. We became friends just like that. Because she made the first move. Now, instead of one, we were two looking on as other children frolicked in the beautiful grounds.

We had been friends throughout the ages and in the time to come, if we were to find each other again, we would always find love, friendship, respect and trust in the other. We knew this to be true.

‘I’m given another chance to descend,’ I told her quietly now.

She stilled and wondered why. Our way required no words. The merest change in energy sufficed to convey thoughts and emotions.

Father said I have to learn, I directed that thought at her.

She was sad but resigned. And determined to follow me.

Perhaps that was why I was able to welcome her into my new world nearly three human years after my descent.