That was my first reaction when I saw the very first photograph review I received on my Qoo10.sg page.

Review for KICNL0002PK: Grace from Qoo10.sg

Review for KICNL0002PK: Grace from Qoo10.sg

Quiet joy.

That was what followed the disbelief. Why quiet? Well, I’m not a noisy person by nature (yeah, right…). Okay, rather than say it was a ‘quiet’ kind of joy, it would be more accurate to say that that joy was tempered by sense.

Aside: There’s nothing common about sense since it’s rarely found these days.

Sense that this may not be the beginning of more sales. Sense that there may possibly be bad reviews later on (you can’t please everybody). Sense that even if sales don’t pick up and even if I receive the dreaded bad review subsequently, I am and should be happy that at least one person out there was happy with my product and service, and appreciated the effort and thought put into each individual sale.

Thank you, God, for making this possible. Thank you for soothing my fears and making me hang on. Thank you for the baby steps that you’re making me take; I know myself well enough to appreciate them more than giant strides.

Thank you, customers, for taking the time and effort to do a review. I welcome constructive criticisms and feedback too, so please keep them (and the sales) coming. That said, please do try to confirm the delivery even if you choose not to write a review. My rating as a seller on Qoo10.sg only allows me to get paid 14 days after the delivery has been confirmed, so if no confirmation is done, I’ll have to wait for the system to automatically confirm the delivery 14 days after I have updated the delivery status in the system. That means by the time I receive my payment, nearly a month would have passed from the time I sent out your order(s). Quite the norm for companies big and small, but not so great for a poor sole-proprietor like yours truly.

So…click a button, save my growling stomach.

I’ll end this with more reviews. My first two reviews on Qoo10.sg. Ever. From the first customer who’s neither a relative nor a friend/acquaintance. I hope, no, I believe that I’ll always remember the encouragement that this first sale gave me. It told me to hold on, to keep doing what I’m doing, and to always keep a spark of hope in my heart.

Reviews for KHIED0001BL: Baby Smurf from Qoo10.sg

Reviews for KHIED0001BL: Baby Smurf from Qoo10.sg