He stared at her across the table. The distance stretched between them like the mouth of a chasm, leaving themĀ on opposite sides. Keeping the other in sight was difficult but not impossible. Words were a different matter.

She was still beautiful, and her voice the softest purr with the clearest enunciation that he had ever heard.

He tried to focus on her words, straining to listen and accept what she was saying.

I’m here now…as important to me as my family…hope you know…understand that the past few months…’

Staring down at his plate, he tried to quell the uncertainty in his heart. The heart that later betrayed his resolution as he walked away.

Let go.


She was desperate. Desperate to see him again, and desperate to make him understand. He was trying hard to understand, she could tell, and that comforted her to a certain extent. But somehow, she knew instinctively that she was not reaching him.

At last, she was prompted to ask,

‘So, are you going to leave?’

His response was not encouraging.

But, she told herself firmly, it wasn’t discouraging too.

Her heart trembled with emotion as he waved goodbye and left her at the crossroads.

Hold on.