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I’ve been replaying a song over and over in my head for the past few days, so I thought I’ll finally stop resisting and share it with you. Why the reluctance to share? Well…the video belongs to the embarrassing ’80s where big hair, padded shoulders, garish make-up, and high-waist jeans were the pinnacle of fashion. You know, those days where we look back on now and laugh in disbelief. Then again, our children and grandchildren may possibly look back on our time and laugh in disbelief as well, so there’s really nothing that stays fashionable or cool or hot or whatever forever.

However, I’m not here to talk about fashion trends or disasters.

Let’s talk about passion. Let’s talk about dreams and hopes and enthusiasm for life. Let’s talk about never forgetting those things that I just mentioned. We shouldn’t forget lessons learnt, kindness and love received, and favours granted. I think we should keep the past in our minds so that we remember gratitude and humility, and all the good things about humanity that we fight to have and to maintain. But let’s not forget about the future as well…let’s not forget to hope. In the drudgery of daily life, let us always remember our dreams and our aspirations. Let us be realistic and yet never forget to pursue our ideals. Down with Cynicism and Cheers for Enthusiasm, I say!

We know this, but we need a little reminder now and again…we need to hear it from others sometimes. So I say it to all of you out there…and I say it to myself because I don’t really have anybody to say it to me. I say that we persist in what we love despite repeated failures, that we dare to fly and chase our dreams because we only have this life to do so, and I pray that we never forget what it means to be young and hopeful, full of dreams and hopes and passions.

So, the song. It’s a mandarin song, titled 追风少年 (The Youth who Chased the Wind) sung by 吴奇隆 (Wu Qi Long or Nicky Wu).

肩上扛着风 脚下踩着土
Bearing the wind upon my shoulders, with the ground beneath my feet

心中一句话 不认输
A single thought in my mind, ‘Never surrender’

我用火热一颗心 写青春
I’ll scorch the days of my youth with a heart of fire

With no concern as to how cold this world may be

So let the torrential rains pound upon my back

And let loneliness stay beyond the night

谁能瞭解我 谁会在乎我
Who can understand, and who will care about

The dreams of my youth

I’ll pursue the coldest Northern winds

And search for the world’s highest mountain peaks

I’ll treat Solitude as a friend

天地任我遨游 不为谁停留
And the world as mine to roam without stopping or staying for anyone

Even though there are many things that I don’t understand

And even though I know there’s much hurt and pain ahead

I’ll hide the tears in my eyes

And move forward step by step

I want to be a hero who chases the wind

I don’t strive to be a hero. I don’t need anyone to look up to me, or see me as a role model. But I do want to hold on to the dreamer inside me, and I do need that little girl in me to lead me in this often too-cold world that we live in. She can be a Snivelling Brat and she was one every single day for a while, but she can also be the glowing light that draws others like Reasonable Justine and the Mad Rager to her.

Years will pass and our bodies will wither, but as long as we keep that spark for life…of life…in us, we will remain, for always, the young ones.