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I had cancer and underwent surgery to remove my thyroid.

Don’t you just want to smack people up and down when they tell you something like that…months or even years after their ordeal? Especially when you’re supposedly their good friend? How can you claim to be close to someone when you’re not even there for them when they need you?

Of course, the anger often goes as quickly as it comes, leaving a flood called Relief behind. You feel like clasping your friend tightly to you in grateful jubilation, almost as if you’re incredulous but infinitely happy that he or she is still standing around talking to you.

Then, that relief fades into the background as sadness takes its place. Sadness that your friend had to go through that alone (not likely, but maybe), and that he or she didn’t confide in you. Fear comes kicking in not too far behind. You start to wonder whether this is the last time or one of the last times that you’ll see your friend.

All these an emotional roller coaster ride that lasts ten seconds or less.

  • Order Code: KVTNS0020RG
  • Length of Shorter Chain: Approximately 39.30 cm – 44.30 cm
  • Length of Longer Chain: Approximately 43.45 cm – 48.50 cm
  • Dimensions of Diamante Pendant: 0.75 cm x 0.32 cm
  • Dimensions of Cross Pendant: 1.55 cm x 0.50 cm
  • Price: SGD 6.00
  • See this model in gold, & silver.

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