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If you seek for me with your heart, I’m there.

With this promise given to her, the Mad Rager emerges from the depths of the pit. She fears that she will stumble again, as she knows that she will, but she advances all the same, clinging on to the hope of that promise.

She knows that in all the days of her life, there are some in which she’ll find herself back in that cursed pit. In some ways, she’s used to it. She even wonders sometimes whether being in it has led her to the One Who Knows, and the One Who Heals.

But she knows deep down, it’s not the place that matters. No matter where she dwells, or where she goes, the promise will be fulfilled, because it is given by the One Who Stays.

  • Order Code: KVTNS0018SV
  • Length of Shorter Chain: Approximately 39.40 cm – 44.50 cm
  • Length of Longer Chain: Approximately 43.20 cm – 48.30 cm
  • Dimensions of Smaller Cross Pendant: 1.40 cm x 0.50 cm
  • Dimensions of Bigger Cross Pendant: 2.00 cm x 1.10 cm
  • Price: SGD 6.00
  • See this model in gold, & rose gold.

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