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So little time, but so many things to do…

I wish that there are more than 24 hours in a day. What will I do with more time? Well, I need to work on my business. As there’s only one of me and I have certain standards that I like to keep in my work, the progress is often at a pace that is (I think) plodding. Since I’m a by-product of my times and my culture, there is also the possibility that I see little progress in my work because I don’t see any obvious results. I’m still scared of being left behind by the times, but…I don’t let that fear prevent me from doing what I’m doing, and somehow, by not giving in to that fear, I feel more at peace.

I also have to do more and more of the housework since both the Fat Bunny and Emily are getting older and their stamina is no longer as before. It’s nothing great; sweeping (yes, not vacuuming) the floor, doing the laundry now and then, and changing the bed sheets occasionally, etc. Not great tasks, but all the same, time must be spent on them.

Accompanying the oldies (read: my parents) to their hospital check-ups also require me to take time off from work. I’m not complaining, but it’s a fact that you need at least a couple of hours and that’s only counting the time spent at the clinic/hospital itself. You still need to take into account time spent waiting for buses/trains/taxis, time spent on the journey to and fro, time spent on foot (and I need to slow down a lot for my parents), time spent outside having lunch/dinner…Just last Wednesday, I left the house with my dad around noon for lunch and a medical appointment thereafter, and got back home around 4 p.m. That’s half the day gone, really. If we had not used taxis, but opted to take a bus instead, it would have taken us even longer.

Although these routine check-ups come around only every three months, there are times when you need additional tests, such as the recent echo test and stress test on the heart that my dad went through because he complained of breathlessness. That was a full six hours or more in a day at the National University Hospital (NUH), which included waiting, bad attitude from one extremely inept and rude staff, more waiting, good service from another three of them, an episode of much necessary tantrum from my dad (I usually don’t encourage tantrums, but even I was ready to throttle some heads that day), much more waiting, injections that left bruises (not me, thankfully), a sad lunch, even more waiting, and running on the treadmill (not me again, yay!).

Again, I’m not complaining. But after all that waiting about (in air-conditioned environments that I dislike, no less!), I don’t really feel like doing anything much after reaching home.

I also value the time I spend chatting and keeping the bond with DBS when she comes home from work. That’s easily another couple of hours that I wouldn’t exchange for anything else.

Then, what about me? Time spent on myself. I love to read and watch movies or anything that catches my fancy at the moment, and I love to savour my food at the dining table. I love getting new information. Besides more hours in a day, I wish that the human life span is very much longer. Adam, the first man, supposedly lived for over 900 years. One of my mentees, posed a question to three people (including me) once.

Mentee: If you can decide, when would you like to die?

Friend A: Well, I’d like to have children, so if possible, I’d like to see them independent and being able to take care of themselves before I go.

Friend B: I don’t want to grow old, so better not live so long.

Me: I’d like to live forever, I think. Think of all the things I’d learn, all the things I’d see, all the moments in history that I’d participate in!

Anyway, that mentee said that she’s scared of dying and doesn’t like to think about when she’ll die, regardless of the control or lack thereof she has over her death.

Will I be tired if I live for a long, long time? Probably. But desires are seldom rooted in logic, and Mankind (meaning of ‘Adam’) is still paying the price of giving in to his desires today.

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  • Side – Side Measurement of Pendant: 1.60 cm
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