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 Thought Association.

It’s interesting how one thought leads to another.

I just finished reading a great post by T.L. Gray and she was defining ‘failure’…as compared to ‘cowardice’. In summary, not achieving what you originally set out to after trying for it does not a failure maketh. Rather, it’s letting your fears stop you from even trying that makes you a coward, and by default, a failure.

DBS came to my mind again as I read this. Recently, we were having a conversation about genetic heredity and she grumbled about how her natural disposition…her temperament leans her towards anxiety and perhaps a certain dark, unwanted future. I reassured her that her chances of succumbing to said unwanted future are relatively lower because though she’s someone who gets anxious and frightened easily (well, easily in the sense that her panic is often out on display for people to see if they know what they’re looking for), she’s also one who steps up and forward despite the shaking hands, knocking knees and trembling heart.

She’s someone who doesn’t run away from her fears despite feeling them and being affected by them acutely. And that makes all the difference, I would say. And it makes me love and respect her even more because it takes a truly courageous heart to confront those fears despite wanting to run, and turn them into a trigger for action.

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