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Still on trying or giving up for now…

Many have expressed concerns about my flagging business. I’m concerned too, trust me. I’m concerned every time I check my bank account balance. It’s still quite healthy, but I would be a liar if I say that I’m not insecure. I also loathe it that I can’t share the family’s financial responsibilities with DBS.

But, I’ve not done everything that I can and am willing to do yet. What with designing the website, my name cards, doing everything that is required to register a sole-proprietorship in Singapore, learning about photography and actually helming the lens, researching on my packaging and doing them by hand, writing, and oh, do throw in some family drama along the way and also a marked divergence of paths with two of the people I liked most in the world…well, something’s got to give and what I gave up…and hung on to at the same time for a while was…focus.

I let my focus on my business slide temporarily…and aimed that single-mindedness at making myself happy. I read so much, often into the wee hours of morning, I enjoyed my food (most of the time…), did housework, and also did crunches everyday (I still do, yay!). I also spent time with my family.

I rested.

If I’d just kept plowing on, I had this image in my head that I’d start screaming and bawling in a totally ballistic manner. With snot and drool and angry red veins popping out. Well, if I’d really done that, my guess is that people who know me would be really scared for me, because I’m always the cool-headed and calm girl in any situation. No, I’m not repressed or frigid; it’s just that I handle the logical aspects of problems before confronting my emotions. Those are dealt with after whatever practical needs to be done.

Okay, maybe I repress my emotions a little bit, but what’s going to happen if everybody falls into a weeping heap or turns into the Incredible Hulk when situations arise? I’m just happy that I’ve become aware that I need to empathise more and am constantly reminding myself to try to do that.

Oh, I’ve digressed from what I wanted to say. I’m trying to regain focus on my business again. I really need to knuckle down and do some marketing and get the word out more. Like I said, I haven’t done all that I can yet, and that’s really the crucial point for me. Giving up now…knowing that there are still some things I can and should do…that’ll be letting myself down, and that’s not a choice at all.

  • Order Code: KVTNS0003GD
  • Length of Chain: 40.50 cm
  • Dimensions of Pendant: 1.05 cm x 0.50 cm
  • Price: SGD 6.00
  • See a similar model here.

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