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How many of us see one another for who we are?

Not many. We’re likely to jump to conclusions, and we often see what we want to see.

I don’t really put others on a pedestal, perhaps because I believe that we’re made up of parts of darkness and lightness. Sure, I get intimidated, awed and nervous around people I really respect, but when they make mistakes and fail (and they have done or will do so), I don’t reject them on the basis that they’re not supposed to fail because they’re so-and-so.

Others have put me on a pedestal in the past. Many times, I would say. Let’s just say that when I fell from the stand that wasn’t of my wish or my doing, nobody offered to walk with me while I limped away, revealed in my true, horrible form.

The thing is, I have never made any attempt to hide what I am. The people who put me up there in the first place were too preoccupied with themselves to notice that. I don’t wish them ill now, although I have to be honest and say that I can’t really bring myself to wish them well either.

I’m just grateful that I can feel saddened, and infinitely thankful that a chance has been given to me to learn some lessons from all these.

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