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Sometimes, that ‘Aha!’ moment takes a while to manifest.

It could be a moment of inspiration, a nugget of wisdom, or the next big discovery that you’re seeking.

Life works in mysterious ways; there are times when we’ve arrived and we don’t realise it because we aren’t even aware of what it is that we seek. Then, lightning strikes and that piece of puzzle falls into place.

Life is more about surviving. It’s more about living than breathing. It’s about what it means to be human, and not only to be born as a human. But, life is the beginning of possibilities.

Some would argue that it’s love that creates, and it’s from love that possibilities spring forth. Let’s put aside religion and stick to worldly/secular love for this argument. It’s a fact that not all of us were born into this world from love, and not all of us received love from our parents. Despite that, not all children from such unions or environments turn out bad; some of them exhibit the best things about humanity. They lived, and along the way, gave and received love and went on to do great things. They lived, and had the chance to do all that came after.

To me,

Life = Endless Possibilities

Everyday is not a slide down a rainbow, and it doesn’t have to be. Some days, I end up feeling like I’m free-falling down a bottomless pit that’s in serious need of bubbles and foam to clear its stench of les misérables. What with being deserted by friends whom I’ve already committed to my ‘Lifelong Friends’ mental list, and other dark clouds that’s always threatening to pour buckets of water on me looming in the horizon, I have to be honest and admit that it’s often not rainbows and candies for me these days.

But I know I’ll be fine. I’ll be more than fine. I’ll continue to do the things I enjoy, and I’ll keep smiling for the simple pleasures and laughing at my silly boo-boos. I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other, simply because I want to, you got it, survive.

That’s the basic of the basics, and I’m a simple girl. I’ll take today as it comes, good and bad, and keep my eyes peeled on tomorrow because hey, who knows?

It may just be a rainbow day again.

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