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Comparison is inevitable.

So I ask myself what I need to be happy. Then, I realise that it doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

I may need to worry about when my next income is coming in, but I don’t regret stepping off the beaten path. Last year, I was honest enough to face myself, admit my faults, beat myself up over them, and finally start healing. I was also courageous enough to take the first step in certain things, both in my professional and personal lives.

I used to escape when I was younger, convincing myself that I walked away from certain things, certain friends because they weren’t important enough. Now I know that it was cowardice stopping me from trying to hold onto them. I feared losing…I feared rejection.

I still fear them, but I told myself I want to leave no regrets…to try and fail and live is better than not trying at all.

Growing and developing. I know I can and I will in the years ahead.

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