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A strange thing happened to me this year.

The father of a friend passed away earlier this year. Two nights or the night before his death was confirmed, I had a dream.

What was remarkable was that I haven’t had any memory of my dreams for ages, but I woke up with recollection of this dream. In the dream, I saw someone who bore an uncanny resemblance to my friend, but there was just something that made me hesitate to say, ‘Yes, this is so-and-so’.

This man in my dream showed me around an old town; I went to a place that I surmised to be a school that he attended, and various other haunts that he frequented. We ended up at what, in hindsight, seemed to be his funeral or the funeral of someone who looked like him. I recall a photograph in his likeness on a table. At the end of our ‘tour’, he turned to me and said in mandarin, ‘I’ve got to leave now’.

Earlier on, lack of communication and trust has led to a rift in this friendship, so I’m not sure if my subconscious was actually preparing me for the divergence in our paths. In any case, the timing of the dream sure gave me a huge shock…

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