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It’s time to let go.

There are times when we have to tell ourselves that. People whom you’ve fought alongside with, people whom you loved and who loved you, people whom you’ve shared countless memories with…your paths may diverge one day, what you value and deem important may change, and people die. Separation comes to all.

Yet, life continues. The legacy of Humanity, what do you think that should be? We’re all part of the same thread and there are certain things that we want to see live on in our society.

Each person I’ve met in my life taught me something, or reminded me of things I’ve forgotten. In the natural scheme of life, my parents will also probably pass on before I do. But life is not all about physical presence, isn’t it?

If I remember the things that each person in my life has taught me, no matter how transient their presence in my life and I in theirs, and pass it on to those I meet further down the road, the departed will still live on in our world in this way.

What’s the flame in your heart that keeps you going? Pass it on.

  • Order Code: KVTNS0023GD
  • Length: Approximately 41.20 cm
  • Dimensions of Pendant: 0.90 cm x 1.60 cm
  • Price: SGD 7.00
  • See this model in rose gold, & silver.

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