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She fell into a dead faint and would have collapsed into an ungainly heap on the floor if arms like steel had not encircled her in time…

That only happens in books and movies!

In reality, I’d not only have fallen into an ungainly heap on the floor, I’d probably wake up to find that besides having an enormous bruise on my head because I didn’t think to fall nicely onto my arm, I’d crashed into someone (probably someone whom it’s not a good idea to crash into) on the way down.

I used to have very thin skin. Used to. After countless incidents that somehow made themselves into my life due in part to my own doing and the intervention of God or the fates, I am past embarrassment.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration; I still don’t like those encounters, but now I regain my poise much more quickly than I used to. Apparently, nerves of steel can be trained…

  • Order Code: KVTNS0008RG
  • Length of Chain: Approximately 40.30 cm
  • Top – Bottom Measurement of Pendant: 2.15 cm
  • Side – Side Measurement of Pendant: 1.50 cm
  • Price: SGD 6.00
  • See this model in gold, & silver.

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