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What do you think about cosmetic surgery?

Many years ago, while I was on a week-long home-stay programme in Hiroshima, a segment in the news featured an increase in the number of Japanese teenagers receiving birthday gifts from parents in the form of cosmetic surgery.

My home-stay mother asked for my thoughts on such enhancement procedures. I told her that other people may do as they please, but I don’t think I’ll ever do anything invasive like that. I just like the imperfect face and body that I was born with, thank you very much.

When I went to a professional studio to get some pictures done to mark the last year in my twenties, I even maintained that there should be no digital touching up done on my person. The woman whom I spoke with mistook my reluctance for embarrassment and tried to cajole me by saying that it’s very common nowadays and that if there were any parts of me that I wanted to ‘correct’, they could do it very quickly and it’d look totally natural.

I wasn’t shy about ‘enhancing’ myself; I just wanted to see if the photographer they’d assigned to me was good enough. It usually takes a lot for me to relax in front of strange men trying to get me to ‘smile happily, channel the wildness inside you, and be mysterious’. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

In my forties, I want to do the same and I don’t hope that I’ll look the same as I do now. I know I’ll look better.

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