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I drink only when…


  1. I meet up with friends overseas, and their countries happen to have a drinking culture, or
  2. I’m with people I like and hence don’t mind letting down my hair in front of them.

It seems that I only drink with people I consider as friends.

It all started with Emily and my DBS; they can’t bear the stench of alcohol that clings persistently to people who drink (too much). Out of respect and consideration for their feelings (since we live under the same roof), I was content to remain a teetotaller in Singapore.

Then one day, I realised that it’s more than concern for their feelings stopping me…it’s more than respect for them that I once ignored a company director’s urging to drink, even when he was clearly displeased at my refusal.

I just can’t bring myself to drink with people I don’t like or feel comfortable with.

Drinking is such an intimate activity to me. My breathing eases, I get slightly sleepy, my senses may get blunted but my feelings…my empathetic nature gets heightened (or so I would have myself believe). Maybe I even *gasp* hang up my armour for a while. And what about the other party? What kind of guard might he or she let down after a drink or two?

I’m just weird like this. *Shrug*

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