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I was desperately trying to keep sober, even though I appeared completely unfazed by the bottles lined up in a row in front of my eyes.

The Japanese HR manager took us for dinner and drinks when we went over to Tokyo for a meeting in 2007. If you know Japan, you’d know that she has a drinking culture. Dinner with drinks, then second round of drinks in another place, and sometimes even a third round. For that particular dinner, we had beer, sake, shochu, and red wine all in one sitting.

I don’t think I’m a good drinker; I just seem like one because no matter how much I drink, I just don’t turn red. Auditions for the undead? Call me! My blood just doesn’t seem to circulate. Anyway, they looked at the only other woman present for that dinner and wondered why a Singaporean who drinks less than five times a year could beat a Japanese woman on her home ground.

I wondered if anyone noticed that I didn’t stop eating even when I was drinking, and that my water glass was always near at hand too…

  • Order Code: KORED0017BK
  • Length: 2.45 cm
  • Width:  1.60 cm
  • Price: SGD 32.00
  • Status: SOLD!
  • See this model in blue & silver.

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