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Don’t cry for me, Singapura~

It doesn’t have the ring of Argentina, right?

It’s hard not to miss the good, old days. You know, when we met up with people or phoned them to have a conversation? When motorists waited for you to reach the curb safely before turning their vehicles onto the path you just trod on? When things were slower, people were happier, and children were more lovable?

Economic and technological progress…I agree with charging ahead. Developing an educated (and I don’t mean academic), less egocentric global environment? There’s no time to lose.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think that humans are degenerating.

  • Order Code: KORED0013GD
  • Length: 2.60 cm
  • Width: Approximately 1.70 cm
  • Price: SGD 26.00
  • Status: SOLD!
  • See this model in black.

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