I was waiting for DBS at Clarke Quay MRT station one day and decided to kill time by doing what I do very well, and that is…being kaypoh (read: nosy). Ahem, I mean, by watching the parade of passersby as they stroll along leisurely or march forward purposefully.

As I stood there eyeballing the crowd that surged from the turnstiles as a newly arrived train disgorged yet another batch of commuters, I realised that there were very few men who walked past. For some reason or other, it was ladies’…time segment.

Statuesque, petite, dark, fair, bosomy, flat-chested, gorgeous divas, plain-faced harridans…we come in all shapes and sizes. But despite the outward differences, and with the exception of those suffering from illnesses or diseases related to the bone, there was one thing that I fervently believe all women should possess. Sadly, I didn’t see many who had it that evening.

You can be dressed up to the nines, accompanied by your branded or cult status bag, and have your gams encased in shoes that knock them dead…and still be found wanting without this underrated accessory.


I’ve seen and known women in plain tees and jeans, with scrubbed faces bare of make-up, but they stood out among the rest of the gilded butterflies. I’m not referring to people who have stopped taking care of themselves and convey a general sense of neglect in their appearance. I’m talking about those styled simply, but have little touches in their dressing such as groomed nails, a slick of lip gloss, feminine earrings, and minted breath, etc. These women impress me for reasons ranging from their sharp intellect to their sincerity in treating others.

Other times, I hold these women in awe and admiration because they possess something that seems so elusive in our world today.


I’m not so sure if class is really in the bones, but you can at least do something about the carriage of your person. A good posture, to me, conveys ladylike femininity and poise much more than a million-dollar outfit ever could.

Anyway…aesthetic purposes aside, an erect posture also conveys self-confidence, not to mention optimism. Imagine yourself hanging your head, looking at your shoes as you shuffle along with hunched shoulders. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in others, let alone convince them that you believe in yourself.

Also imagine a bad day when you’ve just suffered a huge setback. A drooping head, and hesitant steps will only make you feel worse. However, if you hold your head up high and stride along with your shoulders thrown back, things often don’t seem so bleak after a while. Of course, a solution or a resolution is not guaranteed just by adopting good posture, but it can probably have a positive effect on your emotions.

Whether you’re the kind who saunters along dreamily, or the type who struts as if on the runway, or even someone who bulldozes the crowd down in a frenzy to get to your destination, head up and chest out is the only way to do it in style.

Ladies, especially, should not slump or slouch. No matter their size, you want your girls to look perky, not saggy. And as for the laddies, I’ll move on to talk about something regarding you guys that bothers me soon. Stay connected!

What about you? What do you think is the best accessory that a woman may have?