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The Durian may be king, and covered with manly spikes.

But it doesn’t mean that it can’t show its sensitive side once in a while too.

Guys, not only your appearance can portray manliness. I know this guy who looks as if I can knock him over, but his willingness to take care of his family and to defend his wife despite ribbing from his male boss about hitting his ‘quota’ for ‘entertainment night out with clients’ makes him very ‘manly’ to me.

I like a man who stands to face his problems, not slink away to hide from them.

Incidentally, I saw this quote shared by a friend on Facebook the other day. It read,

“‘Smile’ and ‘Silence’ are two powerful tools. ‘Smile’ is the way to solve many problems, and ‘Silence’ is the way to avoid many problems.”

Sure, you catch more flies with honey, and I’m all for resolving issues without putting people’s backs up. However, I’m sure we remember instances where smiles actually avoid problems or mislead people. How many of us just smile when we don’t feel like answering something?

I prefer smiling mixed with honesty rather than silence. Honesty hurts sometimes, but it also provides a bridge for greater intimacy and understanding if both parties are willing to accept that the other speaks with good intentions.

That said, I don’t go around offering my opinion. But if you ask me for one, be prepared to hear just that – my frank opinion.

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