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It took three tries.

For a Japanese expatriate that I’m acquainted with to accept and love durians. Why did he try a third time when he hated the smell and taste of durians the first two times he tried? God knows…

My guess is that he really wanted to assimilate and fit in here. He couldn’t understand the general fascination with the fruit, but he was determined to join his local subordinates when they gorged on it. 

He couldn’t communicate to anybody since he only spoke Japanese when he came over, but by the end of his three-year stint in the local office, he spoke fluent Singlish.

It’s very common for foreigners to come over to Singapore to study or to work. Some are just more willing to try to get to know us, and for me, I’m willing to reciprocate by opening my heart and my mind to them.

  • Order Code: KORED0001GR
  • Length: Approximately 2.55 cm
  • Width: Approximately 1.55 cm
  • Price: SGD 18.00
  • Status: SOLD!
  • See this model in blue, pink, & silver.

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