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She spun around so fast I was surprised that she didn’t twist her neck off.

I refer to the new calico cat on my block.

Hyper sensitive to sound and movement perhaps due to the new environment, she does ‘accusing’ and ‘on guard’ like nobody’s business.

Chill out, newbie…tap dancing should not resemble frantic jerks of the body and wild-eyed hysterics after all. You don’t want me to start howling in anxiety, right?

  • Order Code: KTSKC0001SV
  • Length (from ring): 9.70 cm
  • Length (from lobster claw clasp): 10.90 cm
  • Dimensions of Cat: 4.20 cm x 3.10 cm
  • Price: SGD 18.00
  • Stock: Last piece left!
  • See this model in black.

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