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Lucky & Lassie.

They’re the two terriers I used to sit with almost every afternoon after school. Their owner was an old lady who preferred the breezy void deck to the confines of her house.

The dogs must be long gone by now, but I still miss them and remember how it felt to have their warm, furry bodies next to me as we gazed dreamily together at the driveway that led to the car park.

Their world was simple, with every day, every moment a fresh event to be savoured, even though the scenery in front of us remained unchanged day by day.

I don’t have pets, but if I ever do, I can imagine how lucky and honoured I’d feel to have spent a portion of my life with them…to have been a recipient of their unconditional love and boundless trust.

  • Order Code: KORBH0009BR
  • Dimensions:  8.40 cm x 3.70 cm
  • Status: SOLD!


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