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Kittens, not bunnies.

The young of a rabbit is called a kitten while that of a hare is known as a leveret. I didn’t know that until I checked for differences between the hare and rabbit. Sigh…the price of not having nature at your doorstep. I do remember reading storybooks when I was a child and finding out that hares are generally bigger than rabbits though.

We should be discerning in our quest for knowledge, but let’s not rule out the fact that many fiction writers and game scriptwriters knuckle down to do some serious research before releasing their work. I learnt that there are ships called frigates, galleons and sloops, etc. through a game called ‘Pirates’. That was about 17 years ago when I played games from a CD-ROM.

While tackling a multiple-choice question on this subject, three of my classmates at that time insisted that those must have been ‘terms made up by the games people’, and refused to choose the correct answer. Imagine my consternation when they, being the majority in a group of four, decided to inform our tutor that a ‘canoe’ is a warship.

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