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I’ve felt like a witch before.

That was when I made two people cry in the space of a week. One was my mentee at that time, and she just has very fertile tear ducts. In my defense, I did not scream at her and I kept my tone and wording as gentle as possible, but she must have thought I was brutal…brutally honest, that is.

When others point out your failings or correct your mistakes, know that they are not obligated to do that. Put aside your pride and learn from constructive criticisms. You may not meet people who care enough to criticise you in future. In my case, I was racking my brains so hard on how to go about teaching a girl who was clearly unsuited to be in the position that she was that I found strands of gray hair every weekend.

The other person whose tears I caused swimming in his eyes was someone who talked about his ex-girlfriend with me. He let her go willingly enough, but when I asked him if she made him a better person, he admitted that she did and that was when his eyes reddened. Hmm…seems that I never learn not to cut to the heart of the matter.

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  • Length (from top of hook): 7.30 cm
  • Width across widest point: 2.05 cm
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  • See this model in purple, red, & white.

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