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The reason for my dislike of slides?

I lay the blame entirely on my overly active…sweat glands. I didn’t know how other kids managed to slide down smooth as you please, but I just knew that I couldn’t. That meant a lot to a little girl. Imagine seeing your friends sliding down without a hitch, and you attempting to do the same, only to find yourself stuck halfway and having to move yourself along hurriedly (but awkwardly) so that a collision won’t happen with the friend behind you. It took all the fun out of slides for me.

The plastic ones embarrassed me, and the metal ones scalded me on a sunny day.

I didn’t stand in a corner to cry at the injustice of it all; I discovered the swing.

I loved the slide, but it didn’t love me back. Maybe you’re passionate about something, but you’re not good at it. Maybe you love somebody, but your feelings are not reciprocated.

Don’t fret, for I believe that if you keep your mind and your heart open, you’ll find other things or other somebodies to love. And this time, they might just love you back.

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