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We’re a results-oriented society…

It’s good to be focused and goal-oriented, but too much of anything may be worse than nothing. I don’t really have goals in life, but I also don’t cruise along and bank on my appearance, connections, or luck.

I’m an extremist and also, I strongly suspect, a single cell microorganism. I discover something I like, and I dedicate time and effort on that. No thoughts about rules nor results, just pure effort, commitment, and most of all, enjoyment. And yet, too much of anything may be worse than nothing. For me, it’s a case of

Too much of work + reading =  nearly non-existent social life

I’m not complaining. Yet. I like spending time alone, so I know that if I were to hypothesise an alternative lifestyle for myself, it would probably go something like

Regular 9-5 job + reading = nearly non-existent social life

Different input, but same outcome.

Anyway, results (pun intended) from the enjoyment of doing something that I like? Too many possibilities, both good and bad, to list…at the moment, I just have tired eyes, stiff shoulders, and a spark of hope to show for my efforts.

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