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Close the door.

Ever said those words before? I’m sure we have. Every time we assume that we know what others want to say before they actually articulate the words, every time we see an elderly in need of a seat and turn away pretending otherwise, every time we hesitate to grab the chance to pursue someone we really like…we close the door to our hearts.

Oftentimes, we regret NOT doing something more than we regret doing it. ‘So close…and yet I gave up the chance to (insert lost opportunity).’ Let this ring remind you not to let these words shape your life.

  • Order Code: KGIRF0003SV
  • Inner Diameter:  1.65 cm
  • Internal Circumference: 5.10 – 5.20 cm
  • Price: SGD 28.00
  • Status: SOLD!


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