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You may pray as many times as you want, and you may have as many good luck charms or talismans as you wish, but ultimately,…

hard work should not be neglected.

Take for example, marriage. It’s about partnership and what most call, compromise. I prefer acceptance. Accepting that the person you love will change in some ways, and remain the same in others (no matter how much you beg, nag, plead, or scream).

It’s also about communication. Where you want to be, where I want to be, where we want us to be. It’s about speaking up when you’re happy and unhappy with the other, and not sweep things under the proverbial carpet. Some things are harder on the ears than others, so remember to communicate with love and respect.

It’s about trusting and having faith in your partner. Checking your partner’s phone, e-mails, and what-nots are NOT acceptable. No, not even if you have been cheated on before. If you can’t trust your partner, don’t be with him/her. Period. That said, people are different, so…whatever works for you, right? If you like having your things checked, then who am I to proclaim the violation of human rights and privacy?

It’s not about picking the perfect dress, having the wedding of the century, or getting married on the most auspicious day of the year.

The only talismans you need in life can found within you. That said, if you’re still seeking for people who can help trigger the awakening of those talismans, here’s something that may help you attract them. *Winks* 

  • Order Code: KICNL0001RD
  • Length of Chain: 78.10 cm – 83.20 cm
  • Diameter of Pendant: 4.05 cm
  • Price: SGD 8.00
  • See this model in beigebrown.

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