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He looked at the emblem on her chest and sneered, ‘What is that? A call for the butterflies of the world to unite?’

‘No, you arrogant swine,’ she muttered under her breath. Plastering a big, fat smile on her face, she said in a clear voice that carried across the barracks,

‘The language of flowers is employed here so that each and every one of the sisterhood knows what rank and unit the person she’s facing is from. It’s green and so, in accordance with the military colour. We train as hard as you guys, and pass all the physical and psychometric tests administered under the same grading criteria. You have a problem with that, sergeant?’

Ladies, it’s a tough world out there, more so for us to break through the salary ceiling. So, as I used to tell one of my mentors who’s stationed in Malaysia,

(Loosely translated to mean ‘Women should help, and not make things difficult for one another in an already difficult world’.)

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  • Length: 8.50 cm
  • Width: 5.00 cm
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