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Oh, wow…this is really happening. The Royal Armoury starts officially, with effect from today. At long last, I’m presenting what I’ve done at home for the past several months, for all to see and to, inevitably, judge. I’m happy, excited, and unsettled all at once. Makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Self, calm down!

Tedious months of preparation, endless days of fist clenching and teeth gritting as I patiently learnt skills that I needed to make this work, sleepless nights that melded into blurry mornings when my website just would not accept my ideas, countless hours that I spent agonising over crucial details…ladies and gentlemen, you would not believe it.

Or perhaps you would, but it’s just that it may be hard to imagine anyone doing this alone for real and for nothing (currently). Well, I did gain a lot in terms of knowledge and a tremendous sense of accomplishment did come with all this. I also experience job satisfaction all the time, which is more than what many people can lay claims to nowadays.

That ‘upset at work, but forget it once you go home and see your kids’ attitude is way cool. Hats off to those who practise it, and I really mean that! But it doesn’t work for me. One, because I have no kids (Duh!). More importantly, I come from a background where we were taught to do things right, and to do them well. Take ownership for our work, persevere all the way without being unrealistic, do our best in our undertakings…basically all the clichéd things you read about, but don’t see much of in action in our world today.

Not that people with kids don’t practise all that, but it’s just more difficult for them to focus on things other than their children. Children take up tons of energy and time. I know because I’m still a child in many ways.

If I ever become a parent, would I be a dedicated one? You bet, because I put in 200% in whatever I choose to do. But would I give ALL my time to my kids? You bet I won’t. Maybe when they’re young, but I would also make plans for myself for when they’re more independent. And would I teach them to be without me? You bet your life I would. Life is inevitable. So is death. We are on a path towards death the moment we are formed in our mother’s womb. Pessimistic? Perhaps. Realistic? Definitely.

So…we can leave our children money, property, and other assets that will help them get a head start in life. Nice to have, but not necessary to me. Sorry my future kids (if any), but none of the above for you, even if I have any. What you’ll receive from me are life, brains, an indomitable will to survive against all odds, and a solid moral core. Won’t fill your bellies immediately, but hey, nobody said life is going to be easy.

Maybe I won’t have children, but this work of mine symbolises what I would like to pass on to future generations all the same.

  1. Be a survivor, regardless of whatever life throws in your way,
  2. Think of others and not just focus on yourself, &
  3. Do the right thing.

Short trip, or in for the long haul? Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure.

I’ll give it my best shot, as always.