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Sometimes, the ones whom you feel should support you the most end up being the most discouraging. Key word here is ‘feel’, so maybe there really is some sense when some people advocate reason over emotion.

It’s hard not to feel upset, or should I say, extremely upset when this happens, but hey…that’s life. It throws some punches here and there, now and then, so as the fellas say in ‘The Godfather’, you ‘roll with the punches’. I will roll with the punches…and bide my time to throw in some mean hooks of my own. Eh, don’t think I don’t know boxing terms. I used to do Taebo (a mix of taekwondo & boxing). Not ‘do’ as in attended a proper class, but picked it up from a tape. Yes, those were the days when video tapes and laser discs were still common.

Anyway, I just recalled something from one of my favourite HK dramas.

The ones who are the most lethal are not those with the biggest, meanest weapons. The ones who are left standing in the end are those who dare to stare death straight in the eyes.

I’m not staring at death in the face, but it’s an apt description of my feelings.

Nothing to lose.

I just need to remember that despite all the noise and detractions.

There’ll be a lot of blood, I guess…but there’s a little bit of Lestat (a vampire from the Anne Rice series…no Edward for moi) in me who will relish in that.