Another sleepless night.

I believe some of you are the same. If you are consciously processing thoughts/ideas, you can’t get to sleep no matter how tired you are. Yes, unfortunately, I belong to this group.

Aside: Call me fussy or an overly conscientious Psychology student who only became conscientious upon graduation, but never say that the brain is inactive unless

1. You absolutely meant it as a joke, or

2. The person whose brain you are referring to is dead.

The brain is ALWAYS active as long as one is alive. Which organ did you think regulates your breathing while you are sleeping/unconscious? (-.-)

Maybe I can’t sleep because I just met up with an old friend today. Talked about many things, and happy to catch up. Also happy about the unexpected small ‘fortune’ that came in. Worried too about whether I can earn this small ‘fortune’. No matter what, it sure will be earned with hard work. Hard work with indefinite hours. Well, it pays to be old since I don’t need so many hours of sleep anyway.

I just need the white hairs to keep away. Yes, been getting those since quite a while back. I must have been thinking too hard since Emily and the Fat Bunny are not like that. Maybe I should trace further back and see whether it’s my grandmas and grandpas. If only I can wave a magic wand and say, ‘Begone, O you nasty white hair!’

What was I thinking of? Many things and strangely, one of them, the upcoming presidential election. Some of the things they say…SIGH…

Moving out from Istana? Hmm…I choose to see things with a sense of humour.

Even MORE compensation for NS men? Hmm…to me, this argument fails to consider a very simple fact: women are not enlisted by default.

A whole page of analysis can be written about the last, but I’ll continue later because this old lady is finally getting sleepy.