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DanshikouIt’s such a coincidence that both of them are placed beside me in this picture. I’ve learnt a lot of things from them, and am thankful for the fun & laughter they’ve brought me.

It’s not something to be analysed on a deeper level, but I just really like these two young men. You know, you just get on like a house on fire with some people while others just leave you cold. Stone cold. Brrr!

Oh, this image is from a Japanese book about different personality types based on your birth date. There’s also some forecast about your life in various aspects for 5 years (2006 – 2011 Jun). To make it more personable (and to make people like DBS & I spend money on beautiful but useless things), fictional characters studying/working in an All-Boys Japanese High School are used to explain the personality types. Reading for fun. For source of the image and other information, please refer to the link below.


On the image: I’m the one in the middle…it’s supposed to be a guy, but…I’m not complaining though!

It’s good to be with younger people now and then for I seem to attract much older people all the time (NOT complaining). Different generations bring different perspectives after all. And the two of them? Every time I chat with them, I’m made aware of different perspectives, and yes, my weaknesses.

Complacency & Stubborn Adherence. What I took for granted, and what I should throw away.

Old habits die hard and we have the propensity to repeat history. But, we also have the potential to learn. If I don’t learn the lesson well, Friend Above will keep putting the same obstacles in my path. But, He’ll keep sending me help/hope as well to guide me in these lessons. Could be a new friend, could be lines from a fictional drama, could be a song on the radio. Maybe I’m weird, but I often see signs in the happenings around me. They help me make certain decisions in my life.

I just wish that the heart is easier to train.

Another night He has to tolerate my grumbles & tantrums…