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 王菲(2001年10月)- i周刊 No. 714 7 JUL 2011 pg. 50

“Real happiness should not be built upon external factors, because they are too easily lost, and hence not reliable. In line with this, friendship, kinship, love, and any other emotions are not too reliable.”

Faye Wong (Oct 2001) – iWeekly No. 714 7 JUL 2011 pg. 50

I won’t presume to guess at Faye Wong’s meaning when she said this, but my interpretation of the above and coincidentally, my thinking from long ago? It’s that friendship, kinship, love, and the various emotions are important, do indeed contribute to happiness, and play a major part in making us who we are. However, perhaps the ability to extract happiness from within is the most important thing of all.

External factors are linked to internal happiness. Oh, I agree. Drawing strength from within in the absence of all other happiness-inducing external factors. Finding that intangible linkage when one only sees darkness ahead. That’s the difficult thing. This Christian friend once said to me that she’s only taking care of her daughter temporarily for God. I know she’ll be devastated if anything ill befalls her child, but…I know that she can overcome anything because of her belief, of her faith (in this case) in God.

My belief? Gong Li says it best.


巩俐(2002年4月)- i周刊 No. 714 7 JUL 2011 pg. 39

“All adversities may be overcome if you are bent on survival. Others say, ‘You seem quite strong (emotionally).’ It’s not that I’m strong, it’s just that I’m very clear (about what I need/want).”

Gong Li (Apr 2002) – iWeekly No. 714 7 JUL 2011 pg. 39

I’m always crystal clear about my bottomline. So woe to sales people, haha! I’m the easiest customer to serve in the world. I can also be the most demanding customer in the world. It all hinges on whether my requirements are being listened to. They say that to be in sales, you need to have the gift of the gab. Not necessarily. Clichéd as it may be, there really is a reason why we have two ears and only one mouth. To be fair, a lot also depends on my mood; if there’s a troublemaker gene, I’m sure I have it.

The other day, someone whom I just got to know asked whether I have a boyfriend. It’s a no. Anyway, she asked me is it because my expectations are too high. My expectations? Pretty simple, and yet so difficult.

Someone who is bold enough to face and slay the greatest enemy in life. Himself.

Why slay? Well, facing your problems is only the first step, right? Slaying is the part where you try to improve/amend.

Ahem…so if your single guy pals have a habit of sweeping problems under the carpet, don’t bother to introduce them to me. 做朋友都很难。