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Printing this here as a keepsake of my memories in K***.

Hi all,

Please be informed that my last day of service with K*** will be 30th Jun (Thu).

My administrative and HR duties will be relieved by Ms. *** *****, D*****, who shall commence work on 22nd Jun (Wed). Kindly include her in your e-mails to me from the 22nd onwards. I hope that you will render her the same standard of service and support that you have always given to me.

Thank you for all your guidance and support in the 3 years 9 months that I was here. My appreciation and gratitude towards my dearest colleagues for their support (both tangible and intangible), vendors and customers alike for their invaluable feedback, services rendered, and help/support offered, could not possibly be fully expressed in a mere e-mail. Yet, I shall try because…life is not fun if you don’t try for supposedly impossible things.

I have met many, many wonderful people in the time that I have been with K***. Kudos to all of you, I have had the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to develop not only my capabilities at work, but more importantly, my core as a person. There have also been setbacks, unhappy experiences, and days where everything just turned out badly no matter how hard one tried. It’s a matter of putting things in perspective, and learning from both good and bad experiences. Throughout all these, I learnt that if it doesn’t break you, adversity really does make you stronger and wiser, and that having the courage to stand by your convictions, especially in times of uncertainty, is crucial.

Courage to do the right thing, despite the consensus of the majority.
Courage to take ownership of your work, and accept the consequences of your decisions.
Courage to make changes for the better, even if it involves an overhaul of existing customs and policies.

An overseas counterpart once said to me, ‘It depends on whether you put the interests of the company first, or your self-interests first.’

Precisely. It’s about teamwork in any organisation/establishment, and it is only when people are working together as a team, as comrades with a common and greater goal in mind that the true potential of the team is fulfilled. Alas, ideals and reality sometimes do not merge as well as one hopes they do. However, I did mention that I do like to try for supposedly impossible things.

When did you give up on yourself?

One of the lines in a Japanese animation ‘Naruto’ that resonated within me. It’s a question that a teenager posed to an old man in the animation. Both are leaders of their villages, yet one is young, hopeful of the future, and willing to stand by what is right despite greater adversity in the process, and the other, embittered by life and too cynical to care about what is right.

Giving up my beliefs, my convictions, and all the things that I should stand by. This, to me, is what it means to give up on myself. When that happens, what then is left? This is a question that I often ask myself. And the answer always serves to remind me that no matter how hard or uncertain the path ahead is, the consequences of giving up and letting myself down are more than what I want to bear.

Too many lessons that I learnt from all my experiences here, from each and every one of you, to put into words, but I shall keep them close to my heart no matter where my next path takes me.

Thank you, and I wish you and your family good health, and since happiness is a choice (albeit sometimes we tend to forget), I hope that you remember to choose to stay positive, even in times of darkness.



3年9ヶ月間K***に勤めてきながらも、6月30日は最後の勤務日となっております。人事/総務関連の業務を6月22日より入社してくる*** *****, D*****さん(日本語可)に引き継いで頂きますので、22日からこちら宛てのメールをD*****さんにも配布して頂ければありがたいです。