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Harlow FF,

My pet name for you always changes, but this has stuck on for quite a while, so…will I still call you by this when we’re old and grey, I wonder?

Thank you for always letting me have my way. Well, most of the time.
Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for always having confidence in me.
Thank you for always hearing me out.
Thank you for embracing my eccentricities.
Thank you for keeping me grounded.
Thank you for doting on me.
Thank you for not fighting with me over food. (That’s why you grew up to be that size, and I grew up to be…sturdy.)

Thank you for sooo…oo many things, but most of all,

thank you for being you.

Sometimes, we may feel truly alone and isolated from others, even from the ones closest to us…but remember that the human potential goes beyond our imagination. We are much stronger than we think. M***** once asked me,

‘Why do you not trust people you can see and touch, but instead believe in the God that you keep talking about?’

Well honey, I got disappointed too many times by people. Not that I don’t trust people now, but remember I told you about the time that I walked in darkness alone? I wasn’t truly alone, because there was a force within me that kept me going. Everyday was a struggle, but that force was with me. And I know that, that force has never and will never abandon me. People may disappoint me again, but…my God will not forsake me. I cannot and will not promise that I won’t ‘abandon’ you (death comes to all, and sometimes before we are ready to go…are we ever ready, I wonder) or neglect you at times, but if you remember the times we’ve shared, and the lessons that we’ve learnt from one another, then dearest beloved sis (for you are, you know), in this sense, I will never abandon/forsake you. Regardless of time and space.

A line by 我愛羅 from ナルトseems appropriate here.


I think this is something both of us should not forget…Hope in Tomorrow. My rainbow is huge and I need help in polishing it, so don’t even try to forget about your obligations as my sister!

Your ‘Bestest’ Friend