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Life is pretty strange sometimes. A trip to the PC outside leaving my phone on the bed in the room, a decision to go to bed and switch off the phone out of sheer consternation…and I might have missed that phone call.

How important was that call? Not life-changing in a major upheaval kind of way, but important enough.

I might have lost a friend. Looking back at what went on in 2010 for me, I never want to lose a friend again.

Although I have no idea what will go on down the road, I’m thankful for small miracles.

I’m thankful for alpha males who put on a brave front, but think about what you have said when they’re alone.
I’m thankful for sunshine boys who are growing up to be alpha males, but got lost somewhere in the transition.
I’m thankful for boys-men who have the strength to admit that something is wrong, albeit with the help of alcohol.

Man, for what it’s worth, I think very much of you for a lot of things. Your ability to draw people to you. Your passion in the things you undertake. Your courage in admitting your own failings. Sunshine should always come with courage and chivalry after all.

You’ve been blessed with a lot of things. I know you know that.
But the one thing that you really want, perhaps you can never have.

Only time will tell. Time, and perhaps your courage and sense of responsibility. I don’t envy you, friend.

Perhaps in life, we really do have to give up certain things when God or the fates bless us with others.

Take heart, friend.
That unhappiness and happiness is fleeting.

Maybe the whole cake is not available all the time, so just take slices at different times.

And this, is my answer to the question we have both asked of ourselves and to the other.