Tired. Bones aching. Sad.

Intended to send the above message to dearest beloved sister, but sent it to the wrong person on MSN yesterday. It was a friend I haven’t contacted in 3(?) years. I must have been feeling really unwell, to make such a boo-boo.

Well, I’m quite used to making boo-boos, so it didn’t take me long to recover from my shock and embarrassment to ask E** how she’s doing. Just a short message to you if you read this, friend.

One step at a time, and you’ll see light at the end of the tunnel someday.

Meanwhile, just try to find positives in the situation that you are in, and take comfort in people who care about you.

Next message is to myself and to anyone else who find themselves in similar situations.

Clear up the mess you created.

Don’t be afraid of changes; just because the situation is good now doesn’t mean it can’t be better. And as a friend whom I respect a lot said, ‘When you achieve/obtain certain things, you may have to give up other things. Life is like that.’

A lot of times, I don’t have trouble with decision-making because I know what my bottomline is. But to a certain extent, you can put it that I give up certain wants to meet that bottomline. Granted, those are wants. Now, it’s a bit different. I have two pressing needs to be fulfilled, and taking the chance that is now being offered, one would be met, and the other would be too…but it hinges on my ability to find a balance between…two opposing sides, some would say.

Time to recall my volleyball training days.

Never take your eyes off the ball, no matter how hard and fast it’s coming.

Time to see if this is really what I want, because unlike vampires, humans don’t have eternal life, and we can’t go back in time either.

Last advice to self:

Remember to breathe.