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2010 was an eventful year.

It was a year of learning.
The most obvious one being, of course, the HR course that I took. I met friends, perhaps just passersby in my life, just as I was in theirs; but all that I learnt from them, I will keep for life.

Law has always been one of my interests. Too many courtroom dramas tend to do that to you, perhaps. I’m too lazy and perhaps ultimately too idealistic to roll in courtroom grime, so that’s why I picked HR. Being a good HR practitioner doesn’t mean that you stand on the side of the employees all the time, since it is vital that we see the big picture for all to benefit ultimately. But it does mean having a heart, as Jerry put it. It does mean not exploiting people. It does mean standing for what is right even when, for example, your boss tells you otherwise.

It was a year of growing.
Knowledge doesn’t accord power all the time; in fact, it can make one feel helpless because of the inability to bring about the changes that one hopes for. Yet, my choice will always be knowledge over ignorance. Why? Perhaps because I’m a fighter by nature. Or perhaps to some, a troublemaker. ^^;

Sometimes change doesn’t happen overnight.
So I seek patience, and guidance from those wiser than I am.
I’m still trying, for patience is not my strongest point.

It was a year of hello and goodbye.

A reunion with a friend after a year of absence from each other’s lives. Nothing unusual for me since I’m a hermit by nature…but this happened after things ended on a sour note a year ago, partly due to, I admit, my immaturity. Life is full of surprises, or perhaps, God opened the door for us. Thankful for blessings like this. M*****, if you EVER read this one day, thank you for offering your ear when I needed someone to listen, and your shoulder when I needed comfort. Love you brother, always.

A farewell to another friend, whom I travelled the darkest paths with. It was goodbye with reluctance, but also with resignation because that path is not one that calls to me. It is a path that he must walk alone, and emerge, not unscathed, but battered and scarred…yet with his ghosts finally laid to rest. Not sure whether it’ll be farewell for life, but surely He will guide us if our paths are meant to cross again. Love you too, friend, always. Despite everything.

It was a year of struggle.
With my inner demons.
With my self-imposed limitations.

And I’m thankful for the year that was all that and more. I hope 2011 will be a year of ‘trials & tribulations’ too, because hey, this girl loves challenges.

A song from a Taiwanese drama that I love. It’s adapted from a Japanese manga titled 「MARS」; one of the very few shoujo manga that I like. For a shoujo manga, the story is surprisingly dark and deep.


MARS Main Theme – 零

To have the courage to start everything from zero.
Hope that I will never forget this.

Any comments, friends? What was 2010 like for you?