Oi, can we don’t spoil lazy Sunday mornings with big sighs and grumpiness?

Warning: There is no point in this article; it’s just to help me pass time while I think about what to eat for breakfast. Do not read on if pointless articles make you angry.

Sorry folks, can’t help it. I woke up an hour ago even though it’s a Sunday, and the morning is damn cold. I hate the cold; give me blistering heat and the smoldering sun any other day! I don’t care to hear people complaining about the heat & humidity when it gets hot, and at the risk of earning annoyance all round…’Hurrah for the sun!’
\ (>.<) /

I saw the cat next block on Friday evening. No, not Mao Mao, the other one. The brown tabby cat with the grumpy face (they all look grumpy anyway). It just happened that I stood about 2 feet away from her digging for my phone, minding my own business. Maybe I was invading her territory or something, but she turned to look at me, unblinkingly. ‘What?!’, I was thinking. Anyway, blame my doggy nature, but this person (yes, person) refused to be daunted by an animal so much smaller than she is.

There must have been almost a full minute of staring into each other’s eyes. (=.=) Then she walked over, paused beside me, paused again, then rubbed her face against my leg. Now, that was a surprise! Tell you a secret: Dogs can’t resist cats. We like to chase them, bully them (but end up being bullied by them), gnaw on them gently, play with them, quarrel with them…you get the idea.

So that sign of acceptance really rocks a dog’s world.

Oh, and staring incidents do not lead to gang fights all the time; it can make you fall in love.

Ok, now I don’t feel so cold.

Breakfast time!