I can’t say I’m a contented person. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I’m a greedy person, always hankering for more. More money, more power to initiate constructive changes, more books, more shoes, more lingerie, more ice-cream…hahaha.

Stagnancy. That’s worse than death to me. Of course, one may argue that I’ve never been dead before, so that is merely an assumption. I’m very happy to leave it an assumption though!

Life is full of upheavals. Riding out the storms, I have learnt and still constantly remind myself:

To want nothing, because I have all that I need.
Love given & love received, both past & present.

To fear nothing, because I came with nothing.
Fear of loss recedes if you perceive everything as a gift, and not as your right.

As I said, a constant reminder. I’m still human after all.

Sigh…still have to work very hard to polish my rainbow.