Maybe it’s inevitable, maybe it’s not…whatever it is, have created this account so that my blog articles will have a home. Sob, sob!

My Spaces -> WordPress

Supposedly a ‘richer blogging experience’. I have no idea about the validity of this claim, but I was happy with My Spaces! Now, it feels like it’s breaking up with me, and doing it unceremoniously through, no, not even a personal e-mail, but a general notification to the ‘general public’. The e-mail did come later, but well…’later’ being my case in point! Thanks, it’s nice being reminded that we are not that special after all.

Just move the¬†damned thing to WordPress already, you say. Sceptic that I am, I wanted to explore that before doing ‘The Shift’, as I have termed it. But the deadline looms nearer and nearer everyday, and I am fed up with worrying about forgetting and then losing my articles forever (Oh, the horror!). Nobody reads them but me, I know. Still, it’s a nice chronicle of my experiences. Yes, I cringe when I go back and read some of them…ok, MOST of them. If I cringe, it means I still have room for improvement. (pats self on the head)

So The Shift. To Facebook.

It seems logical, looking at the way the whole¬†society is moving. The knowledge that I can always ignore ‘Friend Requests’, and adjust privacy settings, etc., scarcely comforts me, but here I am, for better or for worse. Though I wonder why some people bother asking you to add them when you have said less than 20 words to each other in your entire acquaintance. You will probably not increase this archive of words in this lifetime too. If I don’t really know you but still add you, you’re ok lah. To me, at least. If not, I won’t bother. Because ‘Was I a nice person in this lifetime?’ will not flash across my mind in my dying moments.

So The Shift. To Facebook.

If you detect a tinge of resignation, a sense of doom in the general tone of this article, it’s because the high-strung, paranoid side of me is worried that the acerbic, politically incorrect, yet unapologetic side of me is going to be ‘lynched by the masses’ one of these days. Since all sides of me occupy this body, that is going to be a problem.

Body, no matter what happens, remember that I love you.