16:30 hours sharp. Checked the clock from my desk. Checked the clock on my monitor. Yay! Ready to go. Nothing eventful about the trip home from office, but definitely excited. Or perhaps, it’s really trepidation from knowing that I didn’t prepare for my trip. Again.

Reached home to find the oldies ready to go, and inwardly rolled my eyes, thinking, ‘Again?!…Great, now they’re gonna rush me’. Was I right! Anyway, exited home in a super foul mood, and was paranoid during the whole journey to the airport that perhaps I forgot to pack something. This paranoia will subsequently continue to plague me on the plane. Well, to a certain extent.

In a panic at Changi Airport. Could not find check-in counter, and when it finally materialised before my eyes, the snaking queue did not help my unsettled nerves. Hate big groups.

Slight digression: Hurrah for the single traveller…that said, might as well hurrah for singlehood as well! I don’t care what people say about travelling alone and how sad that seems; it’s nice to be able to wake up when you want to, hog the toilet, leave your bed unmade, surf TV channels to your heart’s content without battling over the remote control, have the TV AND music on simultaneously, leave your belongings strewn all around the room, walk around the room in various states of dress/undress, have meals when and where you want to or even skip them altogether, speak to strangers and have strangers speak to you, stay stress-free without the need to ‘entertain’ others…well, you get the idea. Travelling alone does have its fair share of perks. That said, if I have a choice, I would always want my way without compromising/accommodating others, so you can guess how an incompatible travelling companion would make me a tragically sad and, not to mention, an exceedingly crabby person. Selfish? Perhaps. Lazy? Definitely. It’s a lot easier being alone sometimes. Either way, I’m not making excuses for myself. I am also not apologising for being the person that I am.

I shall try to curb my ‘slight’ digressions better.

Back to the airport. Had not drawn SGD yet for back-up and did not see any ATMs in sight. SIGH! Had not bought any souvenirs for M***** & J**** too. Double SIGH! Famished and STILL stuck in queue. Resisted the urge to tap foot impatiently and shoot murderous glances at all who were unfortunate enough to catch my eye.

Tried to catch the oldies’ eyes and convey my thoughts that they better run along to have dinner on their own. Managed to catch their eyes, but apparently telepathy failed. Argh! By this time, trying really hard not to morph into the Incredible Hulk.

Finally my turn at the check-in counter. Yay! Realised that transit flights take longer to check-in, so I ended up being one of the ‘slow’ ones. *Grumble* Was darting my eyes around to avoid staring (impatiently) at the lady helping me with my check-in. Noted that her name tag read ‘Momo’. Stifled a giggle (Inside joke here)…have nothing against anybody’s name (after all my name always gets used in shows as that of a a) dog, or b) hooker), but it sure is…very cute. Well, some would say that mine is a cute name too, but they always surely learn that names do not always reflect character after being treated to my barks/bites. Grrr…

FINALLY got my boarding pass, and practically flew in past security after saying a hurried goodbye to my folks. Felt bad for snapping at them. Made a mental note (again) to learn to control my temper better.

Found that barbecued meat shop, and went in. Hmm…they have all sorts of things in packages that I have never seen before. Unlike someone I know of, this pretty much remains a Chinese New Year Goodie item for my family. Well, at least don’t have to worry about increasing girth size. Received bad service. Grrr! Suspected it’s because I’m a local, not a tourist. Stupid girl gave me a PLASTIC bag when I requested for an extra, and this after I had told her that my purchases were gifts. Just took it because at the mood I was in, the airport security would definitely come running if I started screaming. Mental picture of they hauling me away for interrogation/counselling. I really don’t know which is worse.

Reached the boarding gate finally. Settled down in a chair and proceeded to wait.

Travel Log – Part I