Haven’t been contributing to this blog for a long time, but I guess I have my reasons…yeah, people always have their reasons, no matter how lame they are, or how unacceptable you may find them to be.

I just need to be alone at times. And sometimes, I feel pressure from friends. It’s not that I don’t need support, but I need…space more, I think. I don’t know…sometimes, even when it’s a good friend, or someone I know who truly cares about me, I kinda back away and withdraw…not sure why, but I can only think of the word ‘stress’. Which I definitely don’t like. I have enough stress in my life, thank you very much!

Soft drizzle where I am today, and perhaps that has made me a tad blue. Overcast skies would do that to anybody, I think. I wish it’d just pour with thunder & lightning instead. That way, it’d drown out the discontent in my mind, but my heart would sing.

Good days, bad days…we all have them. Maybe like what M***** has mentioned before, I have an ‘artist’s temperament’; very high one moment & super low the next instant. Not good, and very difficult to control, so I guess it’s moments like this that I’m thankful that Saturn was in the place it was when I was born.

You just have to learn to roll with the punches.