Dear Self,

Please write this down so that you won’t make the same mistakes again the next time you undertake a project.

Well, setting up a new payroll system to go live from January 2010. Had fun trying out the system, assigning user rights, encountering errors, and understanding the limitations of the system. As I’ve mentioned before, I may be keen to go into programming next time! But hah! Don’t even know what an IPS is at the moment, so my ‘next time’ may mean next life, if there is one!

Had a demo on the system on 2nd December 2009, 11:15 hours. We spent about 30 min or more just trying to get everyone to log in! *Eyes open wide in disbelief*

A bit of background on the system first. There are two platforms, with different URLs. One is for use just in the office, and the other may be accessed from both within and beyond office premises. Engineers are mostly stationed at the customers’, so it’s more convenient for them if they can log in from outside as well. Why not just have the latter and do away with the one that can only be used in the office? Well, my manager explained to me but I’ve forgotten why (that’s how technically inclined I am)…I think it has something to do with security reasons though. Due to reasons unknown to us, reports may only be viewed if one uses the version that can only be accessed in the office.

Anyway, not sure what went wrong, but some colleagues had trouble logging in. Anyone ever tried keying in a URL, only to have it change when you press ENTER? Well, this happens when one keys in the address for the system (URL becomes longer with additional words appearing automatically) , but I didn’t notice. So, I gave them the URL that is displayed AFTER one presses the ENTER key, and the page wasn’t displayed consequently. Certain settings in some of the notebooks did not allow the page to be displayed properly as well, etc. So we ended up fiddling here, adjusting there, and yep…30 min or more just to bloody log in.

Before the demo, my vendor actually came over to do an upgrade of the system, and somehow only the version that can be used on office grounds got updated. Not sure whether it was an oversight on his part, but that is a moot point now anyway. As I want to view some of the reports now and then, I did all my testing with the version that can only be used in the office, that is, the only one that got updated. HUGE oversight on my part! Should have tried using the platform that the engineers will be using. I guess I just took it for granted…and ended up kicking myself over this after the demo.

Well, good experience though. N*****, I remember what you said regarding presentations…on hindsight though. ^^; Will definitely take note in future.

I am still so tired even though classes have stopped for the holidays…orz

Waiting to go on holiday again,